How to prepare for the Blue Ridge Marathon

ROANOKE, Va.- – For those getting ready for America's Toughest Road Marathon in Roanoke Saturday a doctor wants to give you some advice so you can have the best performance possible.

Dr. Mark Kasmer with Carilion Clinic suggests hamstring and high knees stretching to loosen up before the race. He says eating a good meal tonight will help to fuel your body for the 20-plus miles. 

"What is proven to be effective is a carbohydrates and protein diet. Now that doesn't mean you can eat pasta at Olive Garden. That's a bad time for that. But you want a nice meal and kind of early in the day and hopefully you're still hydrating," said Mark Kasmer-sports medicine at Carilion Clinic.

Dr. Kasmer also suggests eating a good mix of carbohydrates and proteins after the race, rest as much as you need and use warmth for your muscles.
He says the day of the race is not the time to break in the new shoes. Blisters and GI are the top two reasons people don't finish the race. 


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