Lynchburg police officer reads to R.S. Payne kindergartners

Students wrote letter to LPD asking an officer to read to them

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The assignment for Mrs. Watson’s kindergartners was to write a letter to anyone.

Some of the students read the letter to 10 News, it said,

“Dear Mr. Policeman, 
Hi, can you come visit us? Can you show us your gadgets? We want you to read to us. Please write us back.”

And Mr. Policeman did write back. Lynchburg police Officer Gary Takacs wrote back saying,

“Dear R.S. Payne Elementary kindergarteners, 

Thank so much for writing to us. We love hearing from our young friends and seeing everything you’ve learned. I’m excited to read to you all today and to show you some gadgets. Sincerely, Officer Takacs, School Resource Officer.”

Unknown to these 5 and 6 year olds, Takacs was waiting outside their door while their teacher read off his letter.

Takacs read two books to the children, “The Day the Crayons Quit” and “Llama, Llama” with this lesson in mind.

“Literacy it very important and just how to speak with officers. And it's OK if an officer comes to speak with you. It doesn’t mean you’re in trouble it’s just another person,” Takacs said.

And as requested, Takacs showed off his gadgets.

R.S. Payne elementary is a Title 1 school, meaning all students receive free breakfast and lunch. 
But for Heather Watson, what impressed her is that her students asked to be read to.

“At this age they just want to learn.  They’re just like sponges and to see them work so hard, especially given a lot of their circumstances, there’s just no way you couldn’t be proud of them,” Watson, kindergarten teacher, said.

“I was so excited that he came,” Jasir Davis, kindergartner, said.