Special prosecutor releases bodycam footage after two Lynchburg officers shot man in his own home

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A special prosecutor has released body camera footage after two Lynchburg officers were indicted for shooting a man in his own home.

The incident happened Feb. 17 at a home on Link Road. Police say they were investigating suspicious activity when they found a man, Walker Sigler, inside the home and shot him in the leg. The released footage only shows what happened right before the shooting and a few seconds after. 

Below is the released body cam footage: 

If this case went to trial, an expert police witness would have testified that what the officers did that night, making an armed entry into the home, was the wrong thing to do. That's from the statement of fact released by the special prosecutor

Veteran officer Edward Ferron and rookie Savanah Simmons were the only of the four officers to fire their weapons. The four had guns draw as they investigated an open front door at the home of the Sigler family. 

Mom and the kids were upstairs asleep, while dad, Walker Sigler, was asleep on the couch. 

Police yelled into the home and then when Sigler came to the door. 

Officers Ferron and Simmons fired two shots each at the unarmed man. 

The shooting left Sigler partially blind and with a shattered leg. 

A judge sentenced Edward Farron and Savannah Simmons each to a year in jail with a year suspended, meaning they will not have to serve any time. They will be on unsupervised probation for two years, and they are each required to complete 100 hours of community service before next March.

The two officers pleaded no contest to the reduced charge of the reckless handling of a firearm, which is a misdemeanor. The original, more serious, charges were reckless handling of a firearm resulting in serious bodily injury, unlawful wounding, and unlawful shooting at an occupied domicile.

They are not allowed to have contact with Walker Sigler, the man who was shot. 

Sigler's lawyers have released a statement on his behalf. Read the full statement here

The Lynchburg Police Department released a statement after the footage was released, saying the "department is unable to comment further on the matter due to an ongoing internal investigation." 

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