Virginia Tech students win big at American Evolution Innovators Cup Competition

Students win a total of $40,000


BLACKSBURG, Va. – Two teams of Virginia Tech students won big at the American Evolution Innovators Cup last week. 

The two student teams representing Virginia Tech that were chosen as the grand prize winners will each receive a cash prize of $20,000.

One of the winners is a six-member team that won the grand prize award in the Innovators Cup Commonwealth Challenge.

Courtesy of Virginia Tech
Courtesy of Virginia Tech

The team's winning submission, Rendyr, used a portable laser cutter, named Optic, to show how prototyping can be maximized by eliminating the constraints of conventional machines. 

The team consists of Martin Angst, Callan McGill and Blacksburg locals Kaelum Hasler, Elijah Hodges, Reid Holbert and Liam Lawrence. 

The other team from Virginia Tech won the grand prize award in the Innovators Cup Social Impact Challenge, which asked participants to imagine the high school of the future and design a concept addressing a need that could exist in high schools today. 

Courtesy of Virginia Tech
Courtesy of Virginia Tech

The winning submission, Redshift Education, Inc., by Mark Carman, Maria Jernigan, Kiran Bagalkotkar, Taylor Carroll, Jooyoung Whang and Vince DiNardo, showed how students can learn through virtual reality lessons. 

The second-place winners of the Commonwealth Challenge and the Social Impact Challenge were awarded to two teams from the University of Virginia.

This year, 41 student teams representing 17 Virginia colleges and universities and two high schools were selected to participate in the Innovators Cup semifinals.