Virginia school resource officer fired after investigation into ties to white nationalalist group

Courtesy of Chesterfield Police Department
Courtesy of Chesterfield Police Department

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A Virginia school resource officer is out of a job after claims that he's associated with a white nationalist group, according to NBC 12

Police identified him as Daniel Morley, who was a school resource officer at L.C. Bird High School in Chesterfield. 

In March, Morley was accused of being a part of with Identity Evropa. The group was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

“Online postings and activities attributed to this officer were reviewed, and once authenticated, the officer ... was administratively suspended,” police said in a statement Friday.

The investigation into Morley started after a tip from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, according to police. 

“I can now confirm that the target of our investigation was indeed Mr. Morley, and today, I can confirm that his employment with Chesterfield County has been terminated,” said Col. Jeffrey Katz, the police chief of Chesterfield County. 

Identity Evropa has been in headlines recently for being tied to white nationalist fliers being distributed around college campuses. 

The Southern Poverty Law Group has the following statement on its website: 

“The group’s name recognition has been built by distributing flyers around college campuses printed with images of classical European statues and phrases like ‘Our Future Belongs to Us’ and ‘Keep Your Diversity We Want Identity.’”

Below is a statement from Katz: 

"Policing in today’s polarized society is challenging. Successful policing requires relationships rooted in trust. While I will not get into specifics of this personnel matter, I want you to know that my decision to terminate Mr. Morley is predicated on the well-founded belief that his affiliation and online activities make it impossible for him to carry out his duties in a way that would contribute to the building of trust and the maintenance of legitimacy our police department shares with our supportive community.

Our community deserves to know the men and women of their police department respect and revere them – whoever they may be. It is true that Mr. Morley has a First Amendment Right to free speech and association. However, the views espoused by and attributed to Mr. Morley violate county and departmental policy and our organizational values; his continued employment is antithetical to the expectations of our personnel and those we serve."

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