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Danville Community College students create mobile video game

Students also recently created game development company

The two are students at Danville Community College

DANVILLE, Va. – Bar vs. Blocks is easy to play, but Dayshawn Singletary says it wasn't easy for him and fellow student Jeremiah Goode to make.

"It was difficult to make at first because we knew nothing about coding," Singletary said.

Goode says he and Singletary worked on the game for about a year and a half.

"You control a bar and the objective is to dodge the incorrect colors and hit the correct colors. Every level, the colors will change by these signs that appear," Goode said.

The two students hope people around the world will download and play the game.

"That'd make me really excited and happy," Goode said.

"It makes you feel like you did something good," Singletary said.

The launch of the game comes just a couple of months after Goode and Singletary launched their game development company.

They say all of this work is just a stepping stone.

"To help us for another career path and open up other doors and stuff like that, too," Goode said.

"For non-related game products," Singletary said.

Having accomplished so much at a young age is a confidence booster.

"It serves as an example that, if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything really," Goode said.

That includes more games.

Goode and Singletary are working on a game they hope to launch in a couple of months.