Local shelter at capacity for stray dogs

ROANOKE, Va. – The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection needs your help because it's reached its capacity for stray dogs.

Shelter leaders say they've received a lot of dogs over the last two weeks, and are encouraging people to come check the shelter if you're missing one. 

Since RCACP is an open intake shelter -- it cannot turn any stray animal away -- so room must be made to accommodate any stray animals.

"Our responsibility is to the dogs that are coming in, which puts our dogs that are off stray hold or adoptable or relinquished at risk in the shelter so we want people to understand that by leaving their dog here and not coming to get them, that you're putting ... dogs in danger. So please come, please come and get your animal," said Melinda Rector, director of operations at RCACP. 

The shelter also has several dogs available for adoption.