Ways to celebrate Earth Day


Monday is Earth Day! It's celebrated on April 22 each year. 

The theme for this year's Earth Day is "Protect Our Species."

The idea was proposed in 1970 as a way to educate citizens about environmental issues. That's the same year Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency and passed the Clean Air Act. 

One way to celebrate is to participate in the #trashtag social media challenge. People all over the world are picking up litter and posting the before and after photos with the hashtag trashtag to social media. The idea is that seeing these posts will inspire more people to clean up their neighborhoods. 

You may also consider thinking of ways to reduce your waste. Recycling is the obvious answer, but composting could be an option for your family also. Switching to reusable bottles and mugs, using totes at the grocery store, and using reusable Ziploc bags or food bags are all easy ways to reduce your environmental footprint. 

If you're concerned about the plastic waste that fills our oceans, you may wish to support companies such as 4ocean. The company pledges to remove one pound of plastic waste from the ocean for every $20 bracelet they sell. They also have beach bags available if you want to help clean up the beach on your next vacation. 

Earth Day is also the perfect day to start celebrating National Park Week. All parks that charge a fee will be free through Sunday. Click here for more information.