Danville city officials join with kids to Make Danville Shine

City officials planted flowers to promote city beautification campaign

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville Mayor Alonzo Jones is trying to encourage people to get out and help beautify the city.

On Wednesday morning, the mayor, the vice mayor and some police officers helped kids in the city's Head Start program plant flowers to promote Make Danville Shine month, which kicks off in May.

There will be a home improvement expo and opportunities for groups and organizations to do projects throughout the city, and the Public Works Department will waive some collection fees.

"We're hoping that others will catch the vision of our youth and get involved with our Make Danville Shine program," Jones said. "We want all the partners and all of those who are watching and listening, come join us here in Danville and help us make Danville shine."

For more information about Make Danville Shine month, click here.

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