Lynchburg teachers get 5% pay raise

The increase will take effect in September

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Some Lynchburg teachers and staff will soon be getting a pay bump this year.

In a four-to-three vote, City Council members decided to increase Lynchburg City School’s budget by $862,000 to help match the state’s pay raise.

It’s not the $1.3 million school leaders requested, but the additional 2-percent will now take the pay increase to 5-percent.

Leaders with the teachers association say the additional money will help keep teachers in the Hill City.

“I’m proud of the council for having an eye towards the future, 'cause it’s going to take care of the division for years to come. And it’s going to attract a lot of quality personnel to the division and keep a lot of personnel in the division,” said Karl Loos, president of Lynchburg Education Association.

The increase will take effect in September.

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