Sheetz surprises South Boston business owner with car, camper, cash

Surprise part of Sheetz campaign to reward loyal customers

SOUTH BOSTON, Va. – April Hodges couldn't hold back her emotions when she was presented with a $25,000 check from Sheetz.

The money is to help her recover from repeated flooding.

"We've got some things where we've had to put it on credit cards just because we didn't have the funds available. So, paying off that," Hodges said when asked what she'll do with the money.

Sheetz also donated $5,000 to the American Heart Association in her name in honor of her 13-year-old son, Bryson.

"He was born with half of a heart," Hodges explained. "They've had to do several procedures to get it where he can function."

But there's more.

While she was being presented with her check, the brand new SUV and camper she also received were being parked outside her shop.

"I would love to really get out there and explore new things, both for myself and my children," Hodges said.

Hodges is one of five Sheetz customers who received surprises from the company this month by continuously sharing their lives on the company's social media accounts.

Ryan Sheetz, the company's assistant vice president for brand strategies, called this a once in a lifetime opportunity for the company.

"These are our values on display right here," Sheetz said. "We're just so grateful for people like April. To know that we were able to connect with her and, really, hopefully change her life for the better, it just gives us so much satisfaction."

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