This zoo in middle-of-nowhere Michigan is unlike anything you've ever seen

Owners had early struggles, but persevered to make dream a reality

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NAUBINWAY, Mich. – This is like your typical stroll in the woods. 

There are towering pine trees, mulch trails and sightings of birds, bugs, chickens, camels, llamas and alligators. 

Wait a minute.

Camels, alligators and llamas in the middle of the woods, living underneath pine trees?

Believe it or not, such a place exists in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula. 

And it's been around for almost a quarter-century. This place is the fulfillment of a couple’s dream -- and it's anything but your typical stroll in the woods. 

A bear-ish start

As they were living in an unfinished garage in the middle of a frozen tundra and had to sell a prized possession just to survive the winter months, it was easy for Gary and Lynn Moore to ask themselves one question: "What were we thinking?"

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