Charlottesville reacts to Joe Biden's announcement video

Biden announced he is running for president in 2020

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va – At the center of Joe Biden's campaign video launched Thursday morning was the city of Charlottesville.

Biden talked about the white supremacistrally that brought hate and division to the city two years ago. And its also when Heather Heyer's life was cut short.

"I'm glad he didn't mention Heather's name. This election should not be about Heather. (But) combating hate is definitely something every candidate should be addressing," said Susan Bro, Heather's  mother and co-founder of the Heather Heyer Foundation.

Like Bro some Charlottesville residents believe presidential candidates should be addressing the racial divide in the country.

Shaun Moshaha watched the three minute video for the first time when he spoke with 10 News. He sighed and said, "Interesting. My first reaction is this is for political gain ... with that being said, I do resonate with the message that he says."

Although Moshaha agrees with Biden's message that says, "America "guarentees  that everyone is treated with dignity and gives hate no safe harbor," Moshasha says using Charlottesville is a smart political move to get voters who agree to the polls, but the video doesn't fully acknowledge the other side nor hit the heart of the issue.

"Actually coming to the root of the issue and having real dialogue about these issues like we are doing here in Charlottesville is what I hope he would do. And do it in a fair manner where it's not completely biased," Moshaha said.

Bro tells 10 News she was not contacted by the Biden campaign and the Heather Heyer Foundation does not endorse nor campaign for any candidate. Instead, the organization urges everyone to vote as well as listen to each presidential candidate and the issues on which they're running

The Heather Heyer Foundation will give away seven scholarships to high school and college students and will hold a fundraiser concert June 13.