North Carolina 6-year-old dies after brick mantel falls on him, police say

Child died before he could reach hospital

Courtesy of WRAL
Courtesy of WRAL

VANCE COUNTY, N.C. – A 6-year-old boy reaching for a toy was killed when a fireplace mantel collapsed on top of him, according to the Vance County Sheriff's Office.

Jay'den Baskerville died late Saturday afternoon after being crushed by a shelf and mantel inside his home just outside of Henderson.

Baskerville had moved into the home on Birch Street, with his parents and two younger sisters only three weeks ago. Their landlord put them in the house after a fire damaged their apartment a block away, according to WRAL.

The accident happened when they returned home after an Easter egg hunt at church Saturday afternoon. He was trying to get his remote control truck off the mantel when it broke free from the wall, Shirley Venable, his great-grandmother, said.

His father picked him up from the scene and his mother drove them to the nearest hospital.

"Daddy, I can't breathe," Jay'den told his father, who was holding him in the car, according to Venable.

Unfortunately, Jay'den died before they could reach the hospital.

He was "the most outgoing," Venable said.

Jay'den's funeral is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Mitchell Baptist Church in Warrenton.