After 6-year-old complains of 'creature' in bedroom, parents find an opossum

Opossum found in bedroom closet after three days


SUNBURY, OH. – When an Ohio mom was woken up by her daughters’ complaints about a “creature” or “rat” in their room, she told them it was probably nothing, according to WKMG.

After parents Caitlin and Bryan Burch did a full search of the bedroom several times, they found no rodents or vermin, despite the mouse traps set in the girls’ room.

Three days after the initial scare, the father found an opossum inside the closet.

He says he found the opossum inside one of the dresses hanging in the closet with its head peeking out of the neck hole.

Their father raced to catch the animal, while their mother snapped pictures of it that went viral after she replied to a tweet from Chrissy Teigen about a hamster on the loose in her home.