Roanoke artists hold home exhibitions for Open Studios Tour

More than 20 artists participate in annual event


ROANOKE, Va. – Star City artists welcomed people into their creative spaces this weekend.

The 19th annual Open Studios Tour allowed visitors to admire artwork up close from the artists' studios. More than 20 artists participated this year.

"I want people to know how I feel, and I want to know how they feel," said artist C.J. Phillips. "They don't have to agree with what I like and what I feel, I just want to share."

Some of the visitors went beyond just looking and bought pieces to add to their collections.

"I think it's very important to support local artists," said Vinton resident Jim Sutliff. "Not just to see what they've done, but also to purchase."

Phillips hopes the Open Studios Tour also inspires people in Roanoke to keep being creative.

"I just think it's a town that attracts people that want to look at art," said Phillips. "More and more young people are not just leaving Roanoke, they want to be here. This city is growing everywhere, and arts are a big part of it."

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