Mom: Child bitten 25+ times while at an Arizona day care

Mother has filed reports with police, AZ Department of Health Services

TUCSON, Ariz. – An Arizona mom said she found dozens of bite marks on her 15-month-old daughter after picking her up from day care.

Alice Martin tells KVOA that in February, she picked up her daughter Rosalyn from the Creative Beginnings Daycare in Tucson, Arizona.

She said Rosalyn had 25 bites on her back, arms and shoulders, allegedly from another child.

"I was taking off her onesie after dinner to give her a bath and they were just there. It was horrible," said Martin.

She filed a police report and called the Arizona Department of Health Services. In a statement, both agencies say they are investigating. 

Martin, though, said detectives told her they would be difficult to prosecute.

"Especially with younger children that can't talk to tell what happened. So it's basically just my word against the day care's," said Martin.

The day care confirmed the child was enrolled with its facility but would not comment further.