Nelson County may have to cut teachers, staff because of budget deficit

School board members calling for support at board of supervisors meeting May 14

NELSON COUNTY, Va. – The Nelson County School division posted on Facebook Wednesday morning of a budget shortfall.

The school board chairman told 10 News to operate and give teachers the raises they need, board members asked the county board of supervisors for an additional $1.9 million for next year.

But now, board members say the school division may only be getting $350,000 of what was requested.

Board members say this could mean losing about 10 teachers and staff, cutting the fine arts and music departments, and reducing health care benefits for teachers.

"So what we have right now is a tentative list of items and if they do not fund us to the full extent, we're going to have to meet again and make some hard decisions about things that are going to impact the quality of education we provide our students in Nelson County," David Francis, school board chairman, said.

On May 14, the county board of supervisors will hold a public meeting. School leaders are calling for support to the meeting. It starts at 7 p.m. 

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