5 DIY crafts you can make to help save local wildlife

SWVA Wildlife Center is looking for crafters

ROANOKE, Va. – Calling all crafters who have a love for animals and want to put their skills to good use.

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center is asking for your help. The center, located in Roanoke, cares for hundreds of injured or orphaned animals each year.

As the end of spring is approaching, staff members and volunteers are busy helping a number of orphaned animals, and they'll be needing larger living spaces.

The center has posted a list of items that you can make at home to help out.

The DIY projects include tail guards and booties for birds, as well as crate covers.

Its biggest need right now are reptariums for birds. It's made by sewing nylon together and making a structure out of PVC pipe.

The center has step-by-step instructions listed for each project.

Click here to learn how to make yours today.


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