Confederate flag over I-64 in Virginia sparks zoning battle

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. – A battle over zoning rules in Louisa County could determine whether or not a massive Confederate flag that you can see from Interstate 64 can stay up or not.

County authorities say the 120-foot pole the flag is attached to violates a zoning ordinance, according to NBC 29. 

David Konick is representing the Virginia Flaggers, who put up the flagpole. He says that ordinance is not valid in that area. He also claims that the flagpole and flag itself qualify as a monument. 

"The county ordinance as it stands now doesn't restrict the height of monuments, but it does restrict the height of flagpoles only in that one zone," said Konick. "In a residential zone, the county ordinance doesn't have any restriction on the height. They're exempt."

The flag is located near a Confederate soldier's grave, and in court, Konick compared the display to the Iwo Jima memorial.

The judge now needs to determine if he will collect more evidence in this case before making any decisions.