Protester barricaded inside pipe to fight Mountain Valley Pipeline

Appalachians Against Pipelines
Appalachians Against Pipelines


The protester has been arrested and a supporter was driven off to the police station and released, according to Appalachians Against Pipelines. 


An anonymous protester is blocking work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline on Monday morning. 

The person is barricaded inside a section of pipe at a work site near Pence Springs, West Virginia. 

Banners on the pipe read, "MVP: The True Terrorist" and "Stop Work: Person in Pipe." 

Appalachians Against Pipelines
Appalachians Against Pipelines

According to the resistance group Appalachians Against Pipelines, the person in the pipe asked, “Is a pipeline carrying explosives through your front yard not terrorism?" 

Since the project began, dozen of protesters have chained themselves to equipment or staged tree sits. Construction equipment was also set on fire in February. 

It was announced earlier this year that the pipeline project is facing a criminal investigation into possible violations of the Clean Water Act.