Danville jewelry store hiding necklaces around city to celebrate Mother's Day

40 necklaces being hidden at businesses

DANVILLE, Va. – A Danville jewelry company has come up with an unusual way to celebrate Mother's Day.

Forty necklaces from Ben David Jewelers are being hidden at businesses throughout the city.

The hope is a mother will find one, or someone will find one and give it to a mother.

The jewelry store's manager, April Barber, said she came up with the idea after her daughter found a painted rock that someone had hidden in the city for people to find.

"It's just for something positive to go along with the community, because all you hear about is negative things on the news. It's just something to bring the community together," Barber said.

The necklaces were made specifically for Mother's Day, and are also available to buy at the store.

"It's a key and it has an infinity sign and a heart in it with a little diamond in the middle," Barber said, describing the necklace. "It's all to emphasize a mother's love."

If you find one, you're asked to post a picture to Facebook.

If you include the hashtag on the jewelry box, you could win a gift certificate from the store.

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