Infertility is a silent struggle for many

Jenna Zibton shares emotional story of trying to get pregnant


ROANOKE – One in eight couples experiences infertility.  It's a silent struggle for many, including our own Jenna Zibton.

You see her smiling every morning on "Virginia Today" but what you haven't seen is her heartbreaking journey to have a baby that took years.

"I was very quiet about everything when I was going through it just because it was a difficult process but now that it's over I do want women to know it's way more common than anyone knows about. As I've been sharing slowly with people over the last year, I've had so many women say, 'I had trouble with fertility, I had to go see a doctor, I had to see a specialist,' or they had friends or relatives. We just don't talk about it enough," Jenna said.

She's sharing her emotional story to help other couples going through the same struggle, Monday at 6 p.m.

10 News is taking an in-depth look at infertility all this week at 6 p.m. — sharing the new treatments, struggles, medical technology, cost of infertility and more. You can find more of those stories by clicking on the Only on 10 tab at the top of wsls.com.