Liberty University campus full of families ahead of graduation

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will be the commencement speaker

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Fourteen hours is how long it took for Morgan Ertel's family to drive from Wisconsin to Lynchburg to see her receive a diploma from Liberty University.
"We booked our hotel in August when we were driving back to Wisconson from Liberty," Anne Ertel, Morgan's mother, said.

But they won't be staying nearby because of the sheer number of people expected in town.

"The closest we could get was Roanoke. So we're staying an hour away cause we couldn't find a hotel," Anne said.

The campus is now flooded with people ahead of Saturday's commencement ceremony.

"It was really dead with all the other undergrads leaving in the beginning of the week, but now things are picking up as families are arriving," Morgan Ertel said.

Preparations are well underway.
On top of mind are plans to prepare for the arrival of Vice President Mike Pence, who will give the commencement address.

 "I couldn't think of a person I'd like to hear more speak at this commencment. We know it's going to be crowded and crazy. And I think we're going to prepare we've been getting insights from the police on what to do, what to bring," Daniel Ertel, Morgan's dad, said.
Lori Baker, the program manager for commencement.,  said, "We do have a clear bag policy in effect for the event. So you'll have to have clear bags or a small clutch, but all of that will be on our website."

No matter the hassle it'll take to get around campus, the Ertel family says they'll be ready, but hopes Mother Nature will be on their side.
"It's going to be crazy on campus. There's going to be a lot of people, a lot of commotion, hoping the rain holds up. Hoping for some good weather," Morgan said.

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