'Twofer Tommy' wanted in Pulaski County for stealing, buying items with fraudulent gift card

Courtesy of Pulaski County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy of Pulaski County Sheriff's Office

PULASKI COUNTY, Va. – Pulaski County authorities are searching for a man they're calling "Twofer Tommy."

Deputies say Twofer Tommy took items from inside a store, returned them for a gift card and used the gift card to buy more items from the store, while stealing other items. 

Video reportedly shows the crook going through the aisles when authorities say a bag full of merchandise appears out of thin air. "It must have been magic!!," the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office says on its Facebook page. 

Twofer Tommy then goes up to the customer service desk to return the items he didn't pay for in exchange for a gift card. 

He then goes back to the shopping area where he grabs some other merchandise before heading to the self-checkout area, where authorities say he either fake scanned or didn't scan some of the merchandise at all. 

In his crime spree, the crook did make sure to buy the essentials -- a subway gift card and an Xbox gift card. 

Authorities say Twofer Tommy got two receipts for the merchandise he paid for and that he paid for it with the gift card he got for the fraudulently returned items. 

"HOWEVER, what him and some others don't seem to understand is that just because you have a receipt, it doesn't mean you can walk out the doors with whatever you want, you have to actually pay for it legitimately or else it's called larceny, and larceny is a no no from the git go," the Sheriff's Office wrote on its Facebook page. 

Authorities Twofer Tommy came and went in what looks like a newer-model dark-colored SUV. 

If you think you know who 'Tommy' is, the sheriff's office wants you to tell him they say "Hey," and that they'd like to talk with him. 

The number for the Sheriff's Office tip line is 540-980-7810.