CPR mannequins donated to Danville Public Schools

Mannequins purchased with money from local heart gala

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville Public Schools has some new equipment that could help save lives.

CPR mannequins were delivered to Galileo High School Friday morning.

They were purchased with money raised at Sovah Health's annual heart gala earlier this year.

Unlike the old mannequins, these new ones have lights that tell you if you're doing CPR right.

The mannequins were requested by the school district because the state General Assembly now requires all teachers to learn CPR. 

"We want people to be able, when they see someone, you don't have to stop and think. You just step forward. You just say, 'This is what you do,' and you marshal everybody else around. This just gives us much more possibility to do that," School Nurse Coordinator Sherri Wright said.

Some of the money from the heart gala was also used to provide automated external defibrillators to some private schools and schools in Pittsylvania County.

"We decided to take a different direction this year. We wanted a more local approach, so we called our schools," Sovah Health - Danville marketing manager Kelli Clay said explaining how the heart gala committee came up with the idea to use the money raised from the gala.

She added that the committee is already looking at ways to use the money from next year's gala locally, as well.

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