Community holds luncheon to honor law enforcement

Coincides with National Police Week

ROANOKE, Va. – Exalted Church and Haley Toyota teamed up to hand out lunches to hundreds of police officers and sheriff's deputies on Friday.

The yearly event, which coincides with National Police Week, is designed to give back to the people who spend every day keeping the community safe.

"It's just an opportunity to be able to serve law enforcement from around the valley, to be able to say, 'hey we care about what you guys do. We appreciate what you do to protect us'," said Pastor Jim Asberry of Exalted Church in Roanoke. "I'm able to go to bed at nighttime knowing that I feel safe in my house because of these guys -- because of their effort." 

Around 50 volunteers handed out hamburgers and hot dogs. 

"I'm a chaplain with Roanoke city police so I realize what these guys go through," Asberry said.

Volunteers also sent dozens of to-go orders to staff at the Ronaoke City Jail.