Touch screens coming to Danville City Jail

Screens to improve communication between jail staff, inmates

DANVILLE, Va. – The Danville City Jail is getting an upgrade.

Sixteen touch screens will be installed.

The screens will allow inmates and jail staff members to communicate easier and quicker.

Danville Sheriff Mike Mondul said the screens cost about $80,000 and are being paid for with money the inmates use to buy items like food and toiletries in the jail.

"The technology as we have it right now will be used for the canteen, for ordering from the canteen, for filing grievances. So for example, if you send a grievance to the lieutenant, instead of just the lieutenant getting a piece of paper the whole admin staff can be aware," Mondul explained. "Also, (the touch screens will be used) for medical staff. Like, 'Hey, I have a headache.' We'll send (the complaint) right to our medical staff."

The screens are expected to be up and running in about three weeks.

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