Cleanup continues after EF1 tornado touches down in Campbell County

National Weather Service, Campbell County officials surveyed damages

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Debbie Gagon shared video taken by her son Corey Gagon with WSLS 10. The video captured a tornado funnel cloud on the Gagon family's farm Saturday evening. 

Debbie Gagon said she was in the chicken coop while her son was in the tunnel working. 

"I was in knots and I'm yelling out the window and then realizing he can't hear me," Debbie Gagon said.

Corey Gago made a run for it, but didn't know his phone was recording in his pocket. You can hear the wind in the video. Meanwhile, Debbie Gagon was praying for their lives. 

"I'm crouched behind the big beam. I had my hands over my head, just praying it goes by, and then, within maybe 25-30 seconds, it was done," she said.

The tornado flipped her camper to its side, uprooted several trees and ripped the plastic off the tunnel her son was in. 

On Monday Campbell County's public safety leaders and staff with the National Weather Service surveyed the damage on the Gagon family's property and in other areas. 

"Most of the damage that we're finding here are to trees and some minor damage to some structures, which is barns and campers," Public Safety Director Tracy Fairchild said.

Debbie Gagon said the damage can be fixed. She still has her house. Her animals are all fine. And there is no doubt, someone above kept them safe. 

"God protected us. No question. No question," she said.

Her next step is to get estimates from her insurance company. 

Campbell County said it has building inspectors on hand to help anyone in need.