Cost of infertility treatments is a burden for many Virginia families

Many families take on credit card debt, borrow money from family

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Infertility treatments can cost thousands of dollars.

Many families take on credit card debt or borrow money from family when they can't have a baby on their own and doctors have to get involved.

Katie Hundley has PCOS, a hormonal disorder that can make it difficult to have a baby.

She struggled to get pregnant with her first child Will, and is now going through that same struggle again while trying to have a second baby.

She's taken on a second job to help with the cost.

"I've always known I didn't want our financial situation to stop us from being able to grow our family, that doesn't seem fair or right," said Katie.

"You keep on throwing money in and evenutally you're just sitting there trying to figure out bills and everything else, but you don't ever want to put money above having a kid but you also have to plan for the future," said David Hundley.

This is a decision many couples face when they look at the cost of infertility.

We follow Katie through her journey to have a second child tonight on 10 News at 6 p.m.

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