Locals relish getting to see Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile

BONSACK, Va. – People in southwest Virginia were able to relish in one of the most lovable cars in America. 

The Weinermobile made a stop at the Bonsack Walmart on Thursday. 

For drivers "Habanero Hayley" and "Ketchup Kyle," it's a car that's taken them around the country and up to the Roanoke Star. 

Hayley says it's rewarding to see people and old get excited. 

"It's really what you make of it," said Hayley. "We see cameras out the windows all the time. People love it when you give them a wave and seeing people in the Weinermobile recognize you. That's honestly the best part is seeing people smiling and seeing the surprised faces." 

The Weinermobile started way back in 1936. 

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