Local Colors Festival celebrates Roanoke's diversity

Thousands came to Elmwood Park to take a cultural trip around the world

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke's multiculturalism was in the spotlight during this weekend's Local Colors Festival.

The festival has been a Roanoke tradition for 29 years. Thousands of people came to Elmwood Park on Saturday to take in the global experience.

Musicians and dancers performed culturally representative routines while food from all corners of the world was served within the park. Some attendees made sure to proudly display their country of origin while attending Local Colors.

"It's very important, I've got to represent for the Haitians," said Dasny Vincent, a Roanoke resident from Haiti who wore a full-length Haitian flag to the festival. "We're a very small community, so with any little event, I let it be known."

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