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"Stop the Ban" demonstration held in downtown Roanoke

Protests took place in almost all 50 states on Tuesday. 

ROANOKE, Va.- – People across the country are protesting stricter abortion legislation. "Stop the Ban" rallies happened in almost all 50 states Tuesday with one of the largest demonstrations in Washington, D.C.

Those who attended say they're rallying against efforts to undo Roe v. Wade as more states pass restrictive abortion laws.

About a dozen people with Roanoke Indivisible took part in a demonstration at the City Market building in downtown Roanoke. 

"A woman is a person with rights and we saw she cannot have control over her body ...  a fetus...depending on her is going to override her own constitutional rights, her bodily anatomy. So it goes to the heart of woman as a person. We are not incubators. We are actually people," said Sara Sprague said 

The group also chanted through the streets while carrying signs. The protests come a week after Alabama enacted the strictest abortion law in the United States, making abortion almost completely illegal, including when a pregnancy results from rape or incest.
Lawmakers in Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi also signed heartbeat bills into law this year.

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