Results of investigation into racist Northam yearbook photo will be revealed

Many called for Gov. Ralph Northam to resign when the photo came to light

NORFOLK, Va. – A law firm has completed its investigation into the racist photos that appeared of Gov. Ralph Northam's yearbook page at Eastern Virginia Medical School. 

Northam earned his doctorate and launched his medical career at Eastern Virginia Medical School. 

We're expected to learn on Wednesday how a racist image made it onto the governor's yearbook page. The 1984 yearbook featured a photo of two people, one in blackface and the other in a KKK outfit, on Northam's page. 

The school launched its own probe into the situation. Wednesday, we'll hear from the dean of the school and from the lawyers who did the work. 

Back in February when it came to light, Northam went back and forth over if he was one of the two people in the picture. He later said he wasn't in the photo at all and had no idea how it got there. 

"This was not my picture," Northam said then. "I was not in that costume, either as blackface or as KKK. And it's not me."

Northam said then, amid calls for his resignation, that he had never seen the yearbook before. 

In the time that followed, the people who put that yearbook together disagreed on if the photo's placement was a mistake. 

It's unclear how deep this investigation went, but we do know that thousands of letters and emails went out to alumni for information. 

The news conference starts at 10:30 a.m. and we plan to livestream it. 

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