God's Pit Crew has new program to help disaster victims

God's Pit Crew working to try to help tornado victims in Midwest

DANVILLE, Va.God's Pit Crew in Danville has a new program to help victims of disasters like the tornados in the Midwest.

It's called Be the Blessing. 

For $35, you can sponsor a Blessing Bucket.

Those are the organization's relief kits that are sent to disaster victims.

You'll get a card to write a message on and the card will be placed in the bucket.

God's Pit Crew founder Randy Johnson was up early Thursday morning talking to organizations in Missouri and Oklahoma, trying to figure out how God's Pit Crew can help.

"(Disasters), as we saw last night, they happen sometimes when they're least expected and we just always want to be prepared and be ready," Johnson said.

To sponsor a bucket, call God's Pit Crew at 434-836-4472 or send an email to blessingbuckets@godspitcrew.org.

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