Two Lynchburg schools serve local milk to help local economy

Homestead Creamery partner with Lynchburg City Schools

LYNCHBURG, Va. – In an effort to help the local economy, two Lynchburg schools are the first in Virginia to serve local milk for lunch.

Lynchburg City Schools and Homestead Creamery in Franklin County are working together to serve elementary students local dairy products.

The group just launched a pilot program.

On Friday, the students at Bedford Hills got a change to meet the cows from the homestead as well as taste the milk they'll be drinking from now on.

"When they take the milk and it's their choice to take it, they tend to consume all that they put on their tray, which is great," Kristin Brittle, assistant director of youth wellness for Diary Alliance, said.

"Local helps the local economy and it also helps our local agriculture," Beth Morris, director of school nutrition, said.

School leaders hope to expand this effort in other schools.