Hundreds come out to honor 90-year-old veteran who had no family in town for his funeral

Hezekiah Perkins served his nation in Korean War

CINCINNATI, Ohio – More than 60 years after he served his country in the Korean War, Cincinnati stepped up to honor one veteran's service.

Hezekiah Perkins, 90, died recently and had no family in the area to attend his funeral. 

Hundreds gathered from across the region to make sure Perkins was not alone and remember the veteran during services at the cemetery.

 "It is important for us to remember those people who served our country," said Patricia Buschmann, with the American Legion Post 630. "When we saw that this gentleman served and was going to be buried alone, we couldn't let that happen. He's one of our brothers and we had to be here."

Buschmann's sentiment was shared by many. Total strangers took time out of Memorial Day weekend to make sure Perkins' service will never be forgotten. 

"I didn't think it was going to turn out like this, but they showed so much support and love for him, and I'm grateful for that," said Antonette Williams, who used to work at the nursing home where Perkins lived. 

She said he was proud of serving in the Army and always brightened her day. 

"Loving. Caring. Always smiled. Always respectful. Loved his Army fatigue pants and his shirt. Loved it," said Williams. 

"That every human being deserves the dignity of having someone to see them off, and someone who has served has a lot of brothers and sisters, and they have come here to recognize him," said Buschmann. 

Although Perkins' family could not attend the funeral, they were able to watch the services through a video call.