Man sentenced for trying to kill 5 police officers during chase in Campbell County

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – A man is facing half a century in prison for attempting to kill police officers. 

Tony Kidd, 54, was sentenced Wednesday morning for the attempted capital murder of five officers during a police chase and shootout in Campbell County that happened in October.  

He will get 25 years for attempting to kill the officers, 23 years for gun charges, one year for eluding police and another year for trying to harm a police dog. 

Police initially charged Kidd with second-degree murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of the murder of Robin Chanault. 

Prosecutors say Kidd beat Robert Chanault and his wife Robin with a sledgehammer, shot them both, and stole their car hours before a shootout with officers. 

Kidd was seriously hurt during the shootout and has since been released from the hospital. 

In court prior to sentencing, a prosecutor told the judge, "Justice in this case is that he dies in prison." 

In March, the commonwealth's attorney dropped the second-degree murder charge to allow his team time to prepare this capital murder case. He says he's satisfied with the sentencing and it's "not realistic that he'll get out."

The defense attorney had asked the judge to be fair on Wednesday and recommended 23 years to life. 

Kidd said in court, "I need to do what I done."