People cooling off with ice cream and lemonade at Homestead Creamery

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va,- – Some of the hottest weather this season means more customers for Homestead Creamery in Franklin County.

Since Memorial Day weekend, the popular ice cream establishment saw one of their busiest weekends.

Workers say lines were 40 feet out both doors with people waiting in the heat to get their favorite flavor of ice cream or freshly made lemonade.

"People want to have fun even in the heat, they still want to have fun and enjoy the sun and enjoy their time out. They enjoy the cool, the choice of whatever ice cream you want. I think it makes it exciting and makes another special day for you,” said Mike Grisetti, president of Homestead Creamery. 

Homestead Creamery plans to have several events this summer for customers to attend.

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