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Roofers face scorching temps: 'It's just a normal day'

Beating the heat: Water, shade and rest

Three keys to battling the heat: Water, shade and rest

Southwest Va. – Not everyone can beat the heat at a pool or in an air-conditioned building. Workers at Vinton Roofing Company face the elements every day.

Foreman Max Palucho never leaves home without a hat and a bottle of water. His office is on a roof.

"I like being out here. I don't like working inside," Palucho said.

Handling the heat is just part of the job.

"Once you're up there, you get the rhythm, you don't feel it that much," Palucho said.

Anthony Lizana is a sales represetnative for the company, but he started out as a roofer. He says it can be 20 degrees hotter working up on a roof.

"You're either made for it or you're not, you know. Some people can't handle working outdoors. Some people enjoy it. You know, the heat's part of it. You just deal with it," Lizana said.

Crews take water breaks and wear hats, long pants and long sleeves to shield them from the sun. They also take breaks in the shade when needed.

"Everybody here is family to me," Palucho said. "We got to take care of one another."

Treats like watermelon, sports drinks or snow cones help the roofers get through the day. However, no matter what they do and no matter how much water they drink, it's still hot.

"It's roofing. It's not easy. So, you know, these guys work really hard," Lizana said. "The high temperatures are part of it."

"It's not easy," Palucho said. "But, for us, we've been doing it so long that it's just a normal day, just something that we do every day."

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