TSA gives tips for safe, smooth travel during busy summer season

TSA expects to screen 10 million more passengers this summer

ROANOKE, Va. – The Transportation Security Administration expects 263 million people to fly this summer travel season, up 10 million from last year.

TSA agents at Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport screened almost 110,000 passengers last summer and they expect to top that well before Labor Day.

10 News met with TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein Wednesday to find out what you need to know for a smooth takeoff.

"Better to be sitting there having a beverage or having a snack at your gate being relaxed than fretting that you're going to miss the flight," Farbstein said.

The No. 1 priority is safety. 

"Those who want to cause harm know how to build bombs. They are good at it. They are excellent at it and we're trying to stay one step ahead," Farbstein said.

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Airport officials in Roanoke advise cleaning out your bags before you go to the airport because TSA frequently finds loose ammunition in passenger bags.

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