'Extremely chaotic': Virginia Beach gunman had not been fired before shooting coworkers, police say


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Virginia Beach police have new information on the mass shooting that has claimed 12 lives. 

Police are still trying to figure out what may have motivated the gunman, but they do say that he was not fired and was not in the process of being fired when he opened fire at his workplace. 

The call first came in at 4:08 Friday afternoon. Within two minutes, the first officers arrived at the municipal building, according to the police department. The police chief stressed that this is a huge "maze" of a building and the officers did not know where exactly the shooter was. 

Between 5-8 minutes of entering the building, four officers were able to engage with the gunman. Two police dogs were also called in. 

The officers "immediately engaged in a gun battle" with the shooter, according to police. They do not have exact figures on the number of rounds that the gunman fired, but note that it was "well into the double digits."

They say the suspect was firing through an office wall and door at the officers and then the firing paused. That's when the officers entered the office. The gunman was alive at the time and was taken into custody. 

While that was going on, the rest of the building was being secured. Officers were focused on getting other employees out of the building and making sure there were no other shooters. 

In total, from the time of the call, it took 5-8 minutes to reach the shooter and 36 minutes to take the shooter into custody. 

It took 25 minutes from the time of the 911 call to get the first person into an ambulance. The last injured person was taken to the hospital within an hour of the call.

All of the injured victims have had multiple surgeries and are "progressing," police said at a Sunday morning news conference. 

On Tuesday, officials are expecting to reopen city buildings. 

There will be significant memorial services scheduled, according to the police department.