Lynchburg city on track to open Fifth Street, Park Avenue in July

14 monthlong project is third phase of Fifth Street Renewal project

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It seems as though everywhere you turn in downtown Lynchburg, there’s a detour or a road closed sign for construction. 

“Detour takes some work, but... you just follow the signs,” said Rick Smith, co-owner of Pap’s Cigar Company.

Smith’s business on Main Street is around the corner from where crews are installing new fire service lines for private companies on Church Street between 8th and 9th Streets on Monday and Tuesday. 

“We’re a real destination place. Not a lot of other places to buy premium cigars like we have, so our guests seem to find a way,” Smith said.

Several blocks over is the third phase of the 5th Street project.

“Tomorrow they should be testing the last of the water line and placing it into service,” said Scott Parkins, engineering project manager. 

City leaders say they’re on track with this project and hope to have it open the first week of July.

“Feeling pretty good. We’ve worked really hard and the contractors have worked really hard and diligently to keep this project on schedule. It was a 14-month project,” Parkins said. 

The project has impacted about four homes and six businesses near Fifth Street and Park Avenue.

Among the businesses is an auto repair shop that just opened in February. 

“We’ve always been able to keep the sidewalk open in front of the businesses at all times,” Parkins said.

“Guests want to be here. They like our businesses and they will find a way,” Smith said.

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