National D-Day memorial asking WWII veterans to register for 75th anniversary recognition

We are about one month from the 75th anniversary of D-Day and honoring "the greatest generation."

Organizers of The Final Solute at the National D-Day memorial in Bedford are asking that World War II veterans pre-register for the ceremony.

They plan to call each veteran by name during a roll call.

“Having a ceremony on this scale for these guys many of them it will be the last time they're able to come out for an event like this, it means a whole lot. It gives them the chance to really feel the honor and respect that they're due especially for everything they did in WWII,” said Maggie Hartley Mitchell, National D-Day Memorial associate director for programming and events.

Mitchell suggests pre-registering even if the veteran and family are unsure about attending the ceremony.

If you would like to sign up a loved one, log on to https://www.dday.org/75th/.

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