Alabama could require chemical castration for convicted child sex offenders

Bill sent to governor May 31


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A bill on the desk of Alabama's governor would require chemical castration for those convicted of a sex offense involving a person under the age of 13.

HB 379 was sent to Gov. Kay Ivey on May 31.

The bill would require the parolee to pay for the cost of treatment.

"Any action that we can take against a child molester that would prevent them from ever committing this type of crime again, I support, including chemical castration. I think that this bill is one of those steps to ensure public safety,"  Rep. Allen Treadaway told WVTM.

This bill would also require that if a person is ordered to undergo chemical castration as a condition of parole and the person refuses to undergo the treatment, his or her refusal would constitute a violation of parole.

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