Security expert urges awareness, preparation after Virginia Beach shooting

More Roanoke Valley businesses opt for security guards

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – The Virginia Beach mass shooting is raising a lot of concerns about workplace safety, including in the Roanoke Valley.

Police said the veteran employee who opened fire inside the municipal building Friday resigned from his job just hours before carrying out the attack.

Local security expert Chris Ragone said it's just another reminder of rising workplace violence. He's seen it firsthand as the owner of Botetourt-based Executive Security Concepts.

"Our main business now, sad to say, is employee terminations," Ragone said.

Companies hire Ragone's team to serve as armed security agents or come in specifically when they feel there's a potential for violence.

“I actually had an HR manager who was a little scared to do a termination because of recent news events. I have other companies that, now, I’m on their speed dial," Ragone said.

It's about more than just a presence. Ragone and his employees will investigate a person's criminal history, social media, whether they own guns or have a concealed carry permit and if there are any red flags, follow the person's behavior for potentially months.

It's a strategy more Roanoke Valley businesses are buying into after tragedies like this, but there are things you can do on your own, too. There's innovative technology you can buy to shield yourself from a threat, but there's also very simple steps you can take.

"It seems cliché, the “See something, say something,” but it really works," Ragone said.

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