Campbell County to replace aging public safety radio system

County leaders say its last system upgrade was in 2015

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Campbell County officials said it will be a multimillion-dollar project to replace its current aging public safety communications system.

County leaders said the Public Safety Department is operating on a 1996 VHS system, which is running into some problems.

The department said it's picking up other localities’ radio signals and sometimes has to buy new parts on eBay to replace equipment.

Right now, county leaders are researching whether it’s best to join the regional radio system that Lynchburg, Bedford and Amherst are a part of or function on a standalone system. 

County leaders said the last system upgrade was in 2015.

“That’s how quick technology has progressed but we’ve been planning this for more than a decade,” Tracy Fairchild, public safety director, said.

“We have a functioning, capable system right now, but we’re being absolutely being proactive in terms of forward-looking process to make sure it remains so,” Frank Rogers, county administrator, said. 

County leaders said they'll be looking for a bidder in the next couple of weeks.

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