Roanoke shelter reaches capacity for stray dogs

RCACP cannot legally turn away stray dogs

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke shelter has reached its capacity for stray dogs and is asking for the public's help. 

The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection is an open intake shelter, meaning it can't turn away any stray dogs. 

The shelter says it has received a high number of strays and dogs given up by their owners, so it isn't able to take in strays of any size at the moment. In the last three days, they took in 34 animals.

Shelter leaders said the recent rain may have contributed to some dogs running away.

"It's very overwhelming. When you get 34 dogs in a few days, it kind of backs up the system because we have to hold them for 10 days. We have to vet them. We have to spay and neuter them and to try to get those amount of animals out at one time is very hard for us," said Mike Warner, RCACP interim executive director.

If you've lost your dog, the shelter is asking you to stop by and see if your furry friend might be in its in hopes of freeing up more space for strays. 

The RCACP is required to have room for the strays that arrive daily, which puts dogs given up by their owners and healthy dogs that are in the vetting process at risk. 

Anyone who is interested in adopting a dog or wants to see if their dog ended up in the care of RCACP should stop by its location at 1510 Baldwin Ave. NE. 


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