'Bring her home:' Pet owner's plea to thief who stole her 12-week-old German shepherd

Police say puppy Livingston was taken out of her cage last week

RUSTBURG, Va. – Pamela Robertson, her husband and dog Deetan are missing a family member: their 12-week old German sherpard Livingston.

"I look up my driveway all the time just waiting for somebody to just drop her off and her come running back home," Robertson said.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office says Friday night into Saturday the puppy was stolen out of her cage in the garage.

"He (Robertson's husband) goes 'I can't find Livingston.' Well of course that aroused me and I jumped up. I went, 'what are you talking about?' He says, 'Livingstons's cage doors open and she's not in the garage,'" Robertson said.

Robertson said the garage door was unlocked and the puppy was the only thing the thief took.

"I had gotten her trained through the night whoever did come in scared her so bad she peed in her cage. So I know she is very scared," Robertson said.

The family only had the pup for a month.

Robertson's husband doesn't work and Livingston gave him joy everyday.

"She is so sweet, so loving and so young. I just want her to be OK, and loved and be fed," Robertson said.

Police say recently there's been a number of break-ins in the area and want homeowners to take pictures of valuable items.

"Document those things so that when we do have a problem in the future something does get stolen, we have the best information we can use for our investigation," Investigator Stuart Herndon said.

Robertson is reminding neighbors to lock their doors now.

"There are people out there that don't care what they take from you. They're just going to take it and I don't want it to happen to anyone else," Robertson said.

She also has these words for whoever took her baby.

"Just bring her home that's all we want. We just want our puppy Livingston back so that we can watch her grow," Robertson said.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages those with any information regarding this case to contact Herndon at 434-332-9574.