Liberty University addressing the aviation shortage

LU Aviation Maintenance Mechanics program can take up to 75 students

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Aviation officials say that, in the next 20 years they will need more than 750,000 thousand mechanics to work on planes.

The shortage is hitting close to home. 

The Aviation Maintenance program at Liberty University can take up to 75 students and still has plenty of spots to fill. 

The program takes new students in January, May and August.

School officials said students can receive their Federal Aviation Administration certifications in a year and are guaranteed a job after graduation.

Program directors said, most of their students have no problem finding work and are hired by such airlines as: Piedmont, American and SkyWest.

"Employers really love our students because of the level of integrity and the high level of character that they have coming out of this program," Steven Brinly, chair of the Aerospace Technology Department, said. "Although we're a private institution our tuition rates are significantly cheaper than the other private aviation maintenance training facilities."

To learn more about the program at LU and about starting pay and benefits, go to https://www.liberty.edu/aeronautics/aviation-maintenance/.